The Right Approach in Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Addiction, which is a chronic brain disease, affects the person physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. It causes serious harm both to the person and his/her family and to society. The most important reason for the chronic structure of the addiction disease is the resistant structure of the psychological addiction part rather than physical addiction. For this reason, short-term treatments and treatments that only purify the body from the substance do not have sufficient effects.

Bağımlılık Tedavisinde Doğru Yaklaşım
Matter of Will

The rehabilitation process is long. It is not a situation that will improve after a month of hospitalization. This is because it is a chronic disease. First of all, it is aimed to purify the person from the negative physical effects of the substance or alcohol. In this way, drug therapy is started. In rehabilitation, personalized treatment is carried out. Standard protocols cannot be applied to everyone. Because each person’s addiction background, factors causing addiction and coping processes are different. Individual and group therapies, psychoeducational groups, self-help groups, art studies, sports activities, studies on improving social relations and family training are very important in rehabilitation. The family should be included in the treatment process. Because addiction is a family disease. It is important for families to know what addiction is, that it is not a matter of will, what awaits them after the hospital stay, and how they should approach the addicted person. Otherwise, the patient may use alcohol or substance again, which we call relapse.

Professional Help

As a result, there is a need for centers where one can learn how to regain a healthy life in the stages of rehabilitation, getting rid of the effects of addiction, improving interpersonal and social relations, and reintegrating them into society. In addition to pharmacological and psychological support, sports activities and healthy nutrition are very important. We have seen that rehabilitation is much more successful in activities such as groups with autism, marathon groups, weightlifting groups, dog breed determination and doberman races that we work in our facility. We believe that in the treatment and rehabilitation of addiction disease, the so-called healthy living facility, where both physical conditions are created and there is a professional team, and where a holistic approach to the patient and the disease is adopted, the success rates will increase considerably.


Bağımlılık Tedavisi

We accompany you.

At REHALIFE Integrative Health Center, our guests experience all the possibilities of current medical and psychiatric care together with all the activities that will improve their mind and body health, among the nature with pine forests and bird sounds, away from the stress of everyday life.

We accompany you in your recovery journey with a team of experts in relevant fields. Our team includes a psychiatrist, psychologists, a social worker, family counselors, physiotherapists and nurses, and they accompany you with art and occupational therapy, yoga, physical rehabilitation, massage, hydrotherapy, hypotherapy, healthy nutrition, life kinetics, and outdoor sports.



First and only health and wellness hotel that is certified From Health and Tourism Ministry of Turkey…

We are located in the center of Antalya, an outstanding city of Turkey, in the woods of Duacı neighborhood.

Our hotel has 17 suites and 155 standard double rooms, in total of 172 rooms.

The percentage of humidity is 35% lower than the city center due to its location. The place is fully equipped with service unit that is able to meet any kind of need of the guests. We preferred a pattern which is in harmony with nature.

  • Satellite TV
  • Central air conditioning
  • Heater
  • Shower
  • Blow-dryer
  • Telephone (Both for domestic and international calls)
  • Wardrobe
  • Table and chair
  • Safe box
  • Emergency call buttons
  • Wired internet connection
  • Card key system
  • Full board (from 08.00-22.00)


The facility is 30 km away from the International Antalya Airport, 14 km away from the city center, 15 km away from the beach and 10 km from the domestic bus station.

Engelli Havuzu

Disabled Friendly

All areas in the hotel (elevators, door width, bathrooms and corridors) are suitable for handicapped guests. Door entrances are also suitable for wheel chairs.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served as open buffet to our guests.



  • Outdoor pool
  • Kiddy pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Rehabilitation Pool
  • Jacuzzi

Massage Types

REHALIFE Sultan Massage
Medical Massage
Manual Therapy
Swedish (Classic) Massage
Stone Massage
Sports Massage
Lymph Drainage Massage
Refloxology Massage (Hand, foot and head)
Chocolate Massage
Cleopatra Massage
Aroma Therapy Massage
Pouch and Foam Massage
Skin and Body Care