Addiction rehabilitation has an integrative approach of both psychiatric and physical therapies and it is programmed on multi-directional and personal level. Our guests are checked up through the hospitalization process.

Social integration is one of aims of these activities which the participation is planned based on the performance evaluation of their mental and physical condition.

The Rehalife Integrative Health Center is a healthcare institution that works on the treatment and rehabilitation of Addiction, Psychiatric Disorders and Physical Disorders.

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Imagine a place where obstacles and boundaries are removed.

President's Message

Rehalive Integrative Health Center aims to provide the necessary treatment and support in a habitat devoted to quality standards and cutting-edge technology, under supervision of medical specialists and an expert team, along with hotel services, with the perspective of “guest in need of support” instead of “patient”, by which the individuals can feel peaceful and content within the holiday environment, that centers guest contentment, where everyone is offered service in order for them to regain a life that is healthy and independent.

President : Kazım DOĞAN


Treatment and Rehabilitation Program

Rehalife Addiction treatment and rehabilitation program is planned multidimensional and personally, and it combines psychiatric therapies with physical therapies. The plan is reviewed and updated periodically.

Our Facility

The Rehalife Integrative Health Center is a healthcare institution that works on the treatment and rehabilitation of particularly addiction, psychiatric and physical disorders.

Our center has been certified by the ministries of health and tourism and has a proven experience in rehabilitation approved by the Swedish and Dutch governments.

5-Star Hotel Comfort

Rehalife Integrative Health Center is a wellness facility located in the forest in Duaci Village of Kepez District in Antalya. The 5-star hotel is 350-bed center, with individual and group psychotherapy rooms, a spa center, indoor and outdoor pools, a physiotherapy center, workshops, a beauty center, an outdoor sports area and hobby gardens.

International Guests

We contribute to the healing processes of our guests with an integrative mind and body health approach.

Our center, where our code is to experience the principles of healthy life together with our guests, accepting guests from Turkey and abroad.

Integrative Rehabilitation

Rehalife Integrative Health Centre aims to contribute scientifically to the field of rehabilitation, to host all kind of rehabilitation and earn the integrative rehabilitation approach to Turkey.

Things we cannot do

What are the things that we cannot do here?

We cannot promise you a well-being in 3 steps, 5 minutes or 1 breath. Because we do not think that well-being and health are targets that can be easily achieved. We do not consider it as a 100-meter run, but more like a marathon; and we want to run a part of your marathon with you.

"Scales for clinical evaluation and various psychological tests are an important part of the treatment process."

Hatice GÜLER

"We aim to offer a treatment setting to the addiction patients to receive the care, respect and kindness they deserve, and ease their reintegration to the society."

Cem Taylan ERDEN

"Sports activities in Rehalife are a very important part of the treatment."